As we’re easing back into the workplace, most organizations have adopted a hybrid workplace. That doesn’t necessarily mean preferential parking for hybrid vehicles. This means you can work part of the time at home and the amount of the time in the office. And it doesn’t matter if your drive an Electric or Gas vehicle.

Organizations that are reducing office lease space:

  • The government of California got rid of 767,000 SF of office space, for an annual savings of $22 million 
  • Georgia Department of Education has decided to reduce its office footprint at its 150,000 Square feet state-owned headquarters in Downtown Atlanta by more than half, with part of the staff working from home or in remote 
  • The average office attendance in the top 10 cities is still down by about 60% from February 2020, meaning that attendance is running at 40%

It’s clear to see the developing trend for a reduction in office space. And having a hybrid model is soon becoming the norm. The new challenge, many organizations are reducing their office space substantially to accommodate this new post-pandemic workplace. So that means your usual cubicle or dedicated office becomes a shared resource which we call Hoteling. So, if you start seeing executives leaving with their personal office belongings in a box, it doesn’t mean they have been fired. These employees’ dedicated offices will now be shared desks or offices. So, if you are used to walking into your manager’s usual office, you might find someone else working there. MyLobby Hoteling App will most likely help you find you’re their day office location. It can do much more than than that, it can: 

  • Book meeting rooms

  • Provide a list of meeting rooms are available with detailed descriptions from capacity to audio-video hardware available

  • Reduce capacity if restrictions are in place

  • Reminder emails and text messages 

  • Reminder notifications to sign in and out

Why does our organization need MyLobby Hoteling App

MyLobby hoteling application allows individuals to schedule a hotdesk or meeting rooms online for their workplace. In a post-pandemic workplace, organizations adopt a hybrid model that will enable employees to work a few days away from the office. The challenge is the pre-pandemic offices are reducing in size and also capacity. To avoid conflict, employees and team members need to schedule their hot desks and meeting rooms to avoid conflict.

MyLobby Hoteling Value:

  • MyLobby Hoteling is transforming your workplace

  • Reduce conflict between employees

  • Push notification to book your hot desk, morning, afternoon, and evening times

  • Easy to use

  • Check-in with a QR code

  • Post pandemic ready workplace

How to book meeting rooms and Hotdesks with MyLobby Hoteling App? 

As soon as you log into the application, it will ask you if you want to book a room or hot desk. Based on your position with your organization, you will be assigned a range of designated meeting rooms and Hotdesks that would be available to you. The experience will be like booking a hotel room when booking a meeting room. You get to see a picture of the room and all of the room’s attributes. You will be able to pick a date and time for your meeting. It will also allow you to paste the meeting link for those individuals attending virtually. Once you arrive, you scan a QR code to confirm that you have signed in. And if you have not signed in within 15 minutes, the meeting room becomes available for anyone else to book. 

Once your booking is complete you will receive an email and or a text message confirmation.

Booking a hot desk would be a very similar experience to booking a meeting. Each desk would be tagged with a QR code so that once you arrive at your desk you have to scan it to confirm you have signed in.

Is MyLobby Hoteling easy to set up?

The application admin panel is very easy to use, if you’re familiar with navigating social media platforms you’ll be able to quickly and easily upload your assets on the platform. We also have an easy upload where you could do batch uploads. If you have all of your meeting rooms and hot desks and one folder along with all of the descriptions of your room the process will not take more than 30 minutes.

In conclusion, MyLobby Hoteling is an application that gives the user a tool to book and manage booking hot desks and meeting rooms at a workplace. It’s ideal for every type of organization, even without a pandemic process, as there’s room for improvement in the solution we propose. We want to make it as easy as possible to manage meeting rooms, our solution is something where people can book right from using their mobile device which is so very simple. Not with added steps or requirements.