Learn How We Automate Your Business

Making Formulas is How we Achieve Automation

When we look at a process that is repeatable and has a certain set of criteria that is very specific this gives us an opportunity to program logic. For instance, lets say if parameter X = Y we have a formula. These algorithms are the connecters that our developers can easily program into an application. When the data lands in the appropriate fields the algorithm connected these two variables that automatically makes this new statement or response.

Having the Right Tools

Self-service kiosks and the proper workflow give us individuals the ability to serve themselves immediately. The concept is not new, from kiosks at the airport that print your boarding pass and luggage claim tickets to kiosk movie tickets. What’s different is we’re making it more affordable than ever before and easier to use.

Hoteling App

Intuitive and Easy to Follow

Some folks might be a little apprehensive to use a kiosk fearing complexity.  Our User Interface (UI) designers are highly skilled at making workflows intuitive and easy to follow.